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Achieving Optimal Connectivity to Office 365

About this webinar

There's no doubting that Office 365 is a significant productivity tool for organisations. However, its capabilities are often hampered by poor connectivity.

To address this challenge, many organisations are investigating dedicated connectivity to Microsoft Azure through Azure Expressroute, Cloudconnect™ or at least have redundant internet connectivity for high availability.

However, to achieve the best end-user-experience for workloads like Skype, Teams and Hybrid Exchange, it's important to utilise traffic optimisation techniques and ensure multiple egress points are handled appropriately.

In this webinar, we'll cover a range of configuration considerations including:

  • A review of different types of connectivity options to Office 365.
  • Three types of routing on the internal network and impact on performance.
  • Asymmetric routing issues and workloads to look out for.
  • Uncovering the ideal architectural design.
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Arun Ramprasad

Lead Presenter

Arun Ramprasad
Senior Network Architect,
Fastrack Technology

Hayden van roon


Hayden van Roon
Digital Marketing Manager,
Fastrack Technology



40 Minutes