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Identity and Access Management in Microsoft 365

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Cybersecurity attackers have now found an intelligent way to breach into networks, by breaching into credentials. Rather than using virus or malware software, most of the time they hide under the identity of an innocent user.

Most hacks and cybersecurity attacks can be traced back to lost, weak, or compromised user credentials. Why credentials are so vulnerable? Because your passwords are vulnerable. Microsoft’s Identity and Access Management solution and technologies are designed to verify users before they're granted access to apps and data. 

In this webinar, we'll defy the notion that security is the opposite of convenience and demonstrate how you can make security in Microsoft 365 almost invisible to your users.

Webinar topics:

We'll provide a holistic view of the following topics and technologies:

  • Setting up protection at your front door.
  • Simplify access to devices and apps.
  • Safeguard your credentials.
  • Windows Hello
  • Azure AD Join
  • Biometrics
  • Protecting administrator credentials
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Yoni Kirsh


Yoni Kirsh
Managing Director,
Fastrack Technology

Hayden van Roon


Hayden van Roon
Digital Marketing Manager,
Fastrack Technology



30 Minutes