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Creating secure remote access to on-premises apps with Azure AD Application Proxy 

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Providing access to on-premises apps has traditionally involved using virtual private networks, load balancers or reverse proxies. However, VPNs and LBs are difficult to secure and can create a poor use experience for end-users.

In this webinar, we'll show you how to deploy Azure AD Application Proxy to enable single sign-on and secure remote access for web applications hosted on-premises.

Webinar topics:

We'll provide a holistic view of the following topics and technologies:

  • Overview of Azure Active Directory Application Proxy
  • Enabling single sign on
  • Publishing application using your own domain name
  • Using connectors
  • Working with existing on-premises services
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Yoni Kirsh


Yoni Kirsh
Managing Director,
Fastrack Technology

Hayden van Roon


Hayden van Roon
Digital Marketing Manager,
Fastrack Technology



30 Minutes