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Introduction to Microsoft Security

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The security landscape has changed dramatically in recent years and many technologies are not prepared to deal with modern threats. Automated malware detection and forensics often occur too late—after the breach—and it can take months before one notices they're compromised.

In response, Microsoft have introduced many security features to Windows 10, EMS, and Office 365. These features harden identities, data & applications, infrastructure, and devices against advanced attacks. Microsoft's security tools helps you respond more effectively to breaches when they happen while bringing a unified solution for disrupting cyber-attackers.

In this webinar we evaluate the functionality, user experience, and deployment of Microsoft's security features so you can start planning your security roadmap.


We'll give you an insight into the following topics and technologies:

  • Identity & Access Management
  • Threat Protection
  • Information Protection
  • Security Management
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Yoni Kirsh


Yoni Kirsh
Managing Director,
Fastrack Technology

Hayden van Roon


Hayden van Roon
Digital Marketing Manager,
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