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If you have a constant niggling feeling in your stomach that someone in your organisation is going to fall for a phishing attack, you are not alone. Phishing is the number one reported scam in 2020.

Every organisation will have a varying level of digital literacy. It is our responsibility as IT pros to train our people to detect and report threats.

Microsoft Attack Simulator is a fantastic tool that simulates but is not limited to phishing email attacks while providing detailed reports from your attacks simulations.

Microsoft has also improved its capacity to detect and thwart these kinds of attacks before they reach the user with Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection’s Safe Links and Safe Attachments.

These features actively scan for dodgy links or attachments before the user can open them.

Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection is very simple to turn on, requires very little configuration and your users probably won’t even notice it’s live until it automatically blocks a nefarious email.

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