On-demand webinar:

EM+S roadmap for 2018 and beyond


Uncover the most practical EM+S features for 2018.

Presenters: Michael Watkins & Yoni Kirsh
Duration: 40 minutes

With all the noise about Microsoft 365, perhaps the most exciting development is Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EM+S). 

This once divergent set of technologies has finally been brought together to form a genuine layer of protection for data and user identity, while enabling managing user access to become simple.

Most organisations underutilise these features, even when they've already purchased licences. So, let's change that.

In this on-demand webinar, we break down the most practical features coming in 2018 in the EM+S roadmap and help you decide what's worth deploying and how best to activate these features for end-users and IT pros alike. 

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